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“A time of enjoyment, reveling, appreciation of privilege, freedom and comfort given to us, sense of celebration, the feeling and hope that everything is alright with the world. A feeling that we will make the world a better place than we found it.”

These words precisely define the spirit of Felicity, our annual cultural and technical fest. From bare bones modest beginnings in 2002 to being one of the most awaited college festivals in South India, Felicity has come a long way. Felicity has always stood for a celebration where everyone feels involved. Needless to state, we strive to maintain the highest standards in every event- right from judges to organization, participation to entertainment. It is precisely for these reasons that Felicity attracts students from the best colleges throughout India, and especially Hyderabad. We’ve seen participants from various IITs, NITs across India. Students from reputed colleges like ISB, NIFT, HCU, NALSAR, OU, JNTU etc make up the bulk of our participants and audience. Not only this, our technical events have seen participation from more than 30 countries. The footfall count increases exponentially every year.

We endeavor to make the ninth Felicity the best ever seen. Felicity 2K10 has a plethora of events designed to test and encourage skills and talent. The range is from an event to see how good an RJ you are to how well you can code. This variety is what constitutes the crux of Felicity.

Apart from the events, we also plan to have talks by experts in their fields, workshops taught by the best and performances from the stalwarts. These shall not only attract the best and serve as a congregation for the same, but also bring about a unique mix of ideas, culture and people. Hence, we shall also be catering to our aim of a celebration for everyone involved.

We in IIIT believe in giving back to society and we use Felicity as a vehicle to serve this aspect. We intend amongst a number of other initiatives to encourage traditional handicrafts. We also, through a number of NGO’s, do our best to help those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

Welcome to Felicity 2K10!

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