Paradigm 2010 - SSN College of Engineering

The Department of Computer Science Engineering proudly presents ‘Paradigm’, a national level annual technical symposium organized by the Association of Computer Engineers held at SSN College of Engineering.

SSN College of Engineering proves to be one of the most promising engineering schools in India. It has stamped its name in the list of top 10 private engineering colleges in the country. SSN strives to provide its students with world class educational environment encouraging them to prove their excellence in academics, cultural activities, sports and entrepreneurship. It provides opportunities for organizing technical events thereby nurturing organizational & managerial skills in students, with ‘Paradigm’ being one of its initiatives. SSN has carved its way to be one of the most prestigious and sought after colleges in India, bringing to life a new chapter in the development of India’s brightest minds and working towards making a difference in the society through education.

The Association of Computer Engineers is a creative team of technically rich students with immense thirst for knowledge.ACE bags the credit for organizing the National level Technical Symposium ‘Paradigm ’10’.  It comprises of people with high intellect and creativity who thrive to make the symposium a world class event.

Ever since its inception, Paradigm has been breaking its own records in attracting huge number of skilled students from all parts of the country. Being one of the elite symposiums here around, it is back on track featuring some of the best events you would have ever come across. 

The events are classified into online and on-site events.  The online events being programming,debugging,quiz and treasure hunt which have already begun with the number of participants rising exorbitantly day by day.The on-site events are namely programming,debugging,quiz,paper presentation,digital art,mock interview,treasure hunt and adzap.For the first time in the history of Paradigm, we present  the mega event of guessing, searching and exploring namely treasure hunt, appreciating knowledge in Programming, Debugging, Microprocessors, Math series, English verses, Tech Crosswords, Internet, Cryptography and Picture puzzlest. Another brand new event introduced this  year is the ‘mock interview’  which provides the participants with an opportunity to put themselves through a real interview scenario giving them a chance to gauge themselves. 

For the paper presentation event,over 500 papers from colleges all over the country have poured in . The huge no. of registrations for  the on-site events indicates the overwhelming response ‘Paradigm’ has been receiving over the years,  which in turn makes ‘Paradigm ’10’ the most awaited symposium of the year. The workshop on network security and ethical hacking held on 19th aug by ACE turned out to be a massive hit with more than 350 participants from various colleges providing a  great start for  ‘Paradigm’.  Inducing the shift, ‘Paradigm 10’ is all set to take technical excellence to the next level of competence.

For more information, Visit the Official Paradigm 2010 Website.

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