Radiance2k10 - ISM Dhanbad

“The Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.�?

And the mind of man tottered upon the verge of the abyss. It was then that the cry was said, “Let there be light�?: and there was light.

And its “Radiance�? warmed the hearts of men and rid their minds of the impending rust, till they “discovered the Brilliance within�? and spread the light to the far reaches of the universe, divesting it of the shadows that loomed therein. They led the world to a realm of
technological euphoria.

We are not priests and this is not just a sermon. It is a prediction. The future is upon us. The future is “Radiance�?. This techno-management fest promises to be miles above its peers in India. For the first time shall the topic of mining and its practices be pulled out through the veil of dust and misinformation that has plagued the mass of technical minds and expose them to this, the basis of social and scientific evolution.

And where better, to better the cause of mining engineering than one of the greatest mining institutes, The Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. This institute has served the cause of furthering the cause of Mining, overcoming great obstacles in the way, for several decades. And it is here, that the star of development shall shine again, guiding you all, great kings of the realm of technology, by its “Radiance�?, to the birth of the neo-technical age.

Brilliant minds from all over the country shall congregate in the hallowed halls of ISM, to bring about the greatest interchange of ideas and inventions witnessed yet. The fest shall not only benefit the students but, contribute greatly to the cause of technological and managerial development.

“Come, be a part of the revolution discover your inner brilliance.�?

List of Events

1. Geo-Carta (Paper Presentation)
2. Minobotics (�?Terra-ranger�? and “Supermucker�?)
3. Propositum (Tunnel Designing)
4. IDP (Industrial Design Problem)
5. Cogito (Case Study)
6. Quizzite (Quiz)

1. B-Buzz (Business Plan)
2. Kviz-Aka (B-Quiz)
3. Brainstormer (Case Study)

Guest Lectures:
1. Mr. M.P. Singh (Vice-President (Global), Arcelor Mittal)
2. Mr. V.K. Singh (President (Coal), Reliance Power)


Panel Discussions

Online Events

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