Spring Fest 2010 - IIT Kharagpur

[reboot complete]
[press any key to unleash The True Spirit of Youth]

Name: Spring Fest 2010…the reboot


 Social and Cultural Fest

 IIT Kharagpur


Interests: Star Nites, Competitions, Workshops, Case studies, DJs and loads of fun!!

Birthday: 21st to 24th January, 2010

The name’s SF, Spring Fest. We are the youth. We celebrate life. SF is the annual social-cultural festival of Indian Institute of Technology, Khragpur. The biggest social-cultural extravaganza of Eastern India, touching almost 30000 young spirits from over 100 colleges. The mecca of creative zeal: SF has competitions spanning all genres like literary, music, dance, journalism, fine arts, oratory and drama.  The supernova like brilliance of star nites: dazzled in the past by the likes of Sukhwinder, Led Zeppelica, India Jazz Suites, Shan and Pentagram. Open air dance discos, wacky events, treasure hunts and adventures games make one heck of an entertaining time. But youth is not just about fun though and sure, neither is SF. We know our social responsibilities and we fight for social and environmental justice – starting from voluntary blood donation camps, youth marathon, associating with NGOs and socio-economic case studies

Star Nites at SF 2010

When Skid Row started in 1986 by breaking the hell loose in New Jersey club circuits, few doubted their potential. But few would have imagined them becoming the monster act they are. Their eponymous debut album spawned hits like “I Remember You�? and “Youth Gone Wild�? and went on to sell more than 5 million copies! This was but an indication of things to come, for 5 albums, 20 years and 20 million copies later, Skid Row are still performing in packed arena, enthralling hordes of fans with their unique take on glam metal and hard rock.

And for the first time ever in India…to blow you off your feet, they are here LIVE at Kharagpur…exclusively on 23rd January. If you dare to miss it, don’t blame us…you have to take the regret to your deathbed! Be part of the carnage, find salvation.

The daring maniacal Ghost RiderZ brings forth MTV Stunt Mania…who would have known that bikes could do such stuffs?
‘Dance Like a Man’ a play by Lillette Dubey, directed by Mahesh Dattani to tinge emotions with tender colours of life and bring to thunderous effervescence Kalidas auditorium.
Electric Events
What: the biggest competitions in India.
Why: prizes worth more than 22Lakhs at stake!
Who: only the best dares!

Wildfire : the legend of rock bands
  Rangmanch : set the stage on fire
Centrifuge : the group dance competition
A Mighty Pen : the journalist in you
Arckriti : design is what you need
Mocking Bird : the moot court
70MM : the film making competition
India Calling : the social case study

Wonder Workshops…learn while you play!
Salsa, Ball room, Locking? You name it…and we got it!
Film making
Script writing by Whistling woods.

Fun can be addictive! And when you have SF to spoil you…J
Perpz : got it all bottled up? Here is the release…chill to the gyrating tunes of your favourite DJ and just Jhum barabar Jhum!
Breakfree : show us what you can do…and you have got 60 seconds
Twisted Tambola
The Great Adventure
Runbhoomi : the treasure hunt.1700 acres, just one clue and time is running out!
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