Should Student Unions & Polls be banned in Universities?

India is a young country. According to the latest reports, 50% of the Indian population is under 25 years. For a country so young, student activists, student unions and their ideologies tend to define the political mood of the country. Student Politics have also been known to give India some of the best politicians such as Sitaram Yechury, Nitish Kumar and Arun Jaitely. The main aim of student unions has been to channelize students’ energies for constructive, nation building purposes. However, looking at the movement of students at various universities, such as demanding a separate state – Telangana, by the students of Osmania University, attacks on campuses by student unions of various universities in West Bengal and violence between leaders of different unions in Panjab University, should varsities ban the formation of student unions and restrict the selection of student presidents to the varsity / institute management? Let us know your views and thoughts on this and we will take your voice to the heads of institutions. Be Heard, Cast your Vote now!

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