How to Stay Motivated to Study During the Holidays

India is a country of vast culture and religion. Every community in India has its own set of customs and traditions, which is why we get to celebrate so many festivals all around the year. This month too, we have some of the very important festivals to celebrate like Holi, Ugadi, Gudi Padwa and Ram Navami. Celebrating these festivals with friends and family with good food, shopping and partying is something that we all look forward too.

With so many festivals lined up this month, getting motivated to study can be challenging, especially for students who are appearing or are about to appear for their Board exams. A number of important school exams like the CBSE Board examsMP Board 10th examsJharkhand Board exams and a couple of other state Board exams are scheduled to begin this month. In this situation, students should learn to balance their studies and enjoyment, so that their studies are not hampered.

Many students find it difficult to focus on studies during festivals or holidays because there are so many nice things that they would rather do than studying. However, students should realize that although festivals are meant to be enjoyed, but that should not stop them from studying, now that exams are almost knocking at the door! If you too find it difficult to focus on studies during the holidays, here’s how you can motivate yourself-

1. Check your schedule

Create a study schedule for the exams that are going to take place in between festivals or holidays. This will help you to stay on track and prepare in advance. You can check your exam timetable to figure out which are the subjects that you need to prepare in advance and which you can prepare later. 

2. Create a study plan

Create a study plan well in advance, if you do not want to spend your holidays studying inside your room and sulking about it. Creating a  proper study plan is a very good habit as it will increase your productivity and help you study more effectively.

3. Think about your long-term goals

One of the best solutions to get motivated to study is to think about your long term goals. When you cannot find a purpose for all the hard work you’re putting in, just remember why you are doing this and where you want to see yourself in another 10 years.

4. Get rid of distractions

Get rid of all kinds of distractions and focus on your studies. Do not try to study in a room full of people, rather excuse yourself and go to a room where you can study in a calm and quiet environment. Switch off your mobile while you study and close all the doors and windows if there is too much noise coming from outside.

5. Take study breaks

If you want to increase your focus and attention in studies, you need to take study breaks after every 2 hours. Study breaks help you to relax your mind and it is said to improve your memory too!

6. Talk to someone who can motivate you

Lastly, talk to someone who can motivate you to study and do better in life. Stay around positive people because you can get a lot of enthusiasm and motivation to do well in life.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays this year, but make sure that you are also focusing on your career and studying well. If you are someone who constantly need to be motivated, get some posters with motivational quotes written on them and you’ll find your daily dose of motivation to study every time you look around your room.

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