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IIM Ahmedabad campus

The Government of India in association with the Government of Gujarat and the Indian Industry established IIM Ahmedabad (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad) in 1961 as an autonomous Institution for teachings of management at Post Graduate level. The noted Physicist – Scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, industrialists, Ahmedabad-based industrialists (led by Mr. Kasturbhai Lalbhai), and the Government of Gujarat (led by Dr. Jivaraj Mehta) played a vital role in creation of the Institute.

IIM Ahmedabad is registered as a society with a Board of Governors to oversee the functioning of Institute. The representatives from the Government of India, Government of Gujarat, the Industry, the IIM-A Society, the IIM-A faculty, etc. includes in the governing board of Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad (IIMA).

In its formative years, IIM Ahmedabad collaborated with the Harvard Business School (HBS), United States. Largely as a consequence of this collaboration, Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad pioneered the case method of teaching in India. The Harvard Business School (HBS), United States is one of the pioneer school for teachings of management.

Not only did IIM Ahmedabad adopt a distinct pedagogy, its architecture also took a distinctive form. Louis Kahn, a well-known American Architect, conceived the design: a blend of austerity and majesty; spaces for casual interaction; frequently changing perspectives; a balance between modernity and tradition that captures the spirit of contemporary India.

The IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A) has possibly the largest faculty of any of the management institutions in the developing nations. Its eminent faculty conducts the developing countries’ most prestigious MBA and Ph.D. level programs in management, trains around a thousand managers and administrators every year, contributes expertise not only to industry but to a number of other strategic sectors and produces perhaps one – third of all the management research done in India. The counsels of the faculty are heard with respect, by heads of corporations, and by managers of financial institutions, cooperative societies, voluntary organizations, academic institutions, and international agencies.

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the most preferred institutions among students who wants to earn a degree in management. The management programs of IIM-A work like a launching pad for deserving students as the training provide a first hand experience in the functional area of ones interest.

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IIM Ahmedabad Programs

The IIM Ahmedabad offers Master and PhD level programs,

  • Two-year Post-Graduate Program in Management (equivalent to MBA)
  • Two-year Post-Graduate Program in Agri-business Management (equivalent to MBA)
  • Fellow Program in Management (equivalent to Ph.D.)
  • One-year Post-Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX, equivalent to MBA)
  • One-year Post-Graduate Program in Management in Public Management and Policy (PGP-PMP, equivalent to MBA)
  • 6-months Armed Forces Program

IIM-A also offers courses in Doctoral Program, Faculty Development Program (FDP) designed for teachers, researchers and industrial organizations for enhancing their knowledge in management education. Management Development Programs (MDPs) – Executive Education popular as the 3-Tier Programs (3-TP), MDP for small and medium enterprises (SMEP). These MDPs are known as General Management Programs (GMPs). IIM Ahmedabad even offers open enrollment programs which are designed to address specialized needs in areas such as business policy, communications, economics, finance, marketing, organizational behaviour, personnel and industrial relations, production and quantitative methods, information systems, agriculture, public systems, health and education.

For details on Programs offered by IIM Ahmedabad, Click Here.

IIM Ahmedabad Alumni

IIM-Ahmedabad alumni network is one of the most powerful assets it has built up over the years. The IIM-A alumnus have established a niche for themselves not only in India but also in the entire world. The IIMA Alumni Association was formally developed in 1967 with a central executive committee and chapters in major cities in India as well as US, Singapore, UK, and Muscat. Anybody who has enrolled in the Institute’s PGP, FPM and MDPs can get a membership in the network. They organize educational and social activities like Management Awards and Seminars. The Annual Alumni Reunion has become an event all the members look forward to, held in the last week of December.

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