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IIT Patna



IIT Patna, one of the new IITs was formally registered as a society on 25th July 2008 to cater to the need for well groomed technocrats and scientists in India. IIT Guwahati has been given the responsibility to mentor IIT Patna. The first academic session started in IIT Patna from August 6, 2008. IIT Patna is currently offering B.Tech programs in three disciplines – Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with about 120 students. The Ph.D. program in Engineering, Science and Humanities & Social Sciences have started from July 2009. IIT Patna currently has 30 faculty members.


IIT Patna offers full time B.Tech programs in:

Since July 2009, IIT Patna has also started with its Ph.D programs. The departments that offer Ph.D programs are:

  • Department of Chemistry
    • Research areas include:
      Photochemistry, Chemical dynamics, Total synthesis of biologically important natural products, Pot Atom and Step Economic (PASE) synthesis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS), heterocyclic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, coordination chemistry, green chemistry, synthesis of nano-scale materials and synthetic organic methodologies.
  • Department of Mathematics
    • Research areas include: Statistical Decision Theory, Statistical Inference, Mathematical Control theory, Optimal control, Non-linear Optimization, Multi-objective Programming, Combinatorial Topology and Geometry and Topological Graph Theory
  • Department of Physics
    • Research areas include: Condensed Matter, Physics and Optics
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Courses offered in:Economics, English Literature, and Linguistics


  • Hostel:
    Two hostels, one for boys and the other for girls, with 50 rooms in each, have been renovated to accommodate students for the residential programs.
  • Computer Center:
    IIT Patna has a state of the art computer center. The computer lab is equipped with 54 desktops. The whole institute has being wired and Internet facility has been provided to all members of the institute.


  • Laboratories and workshops:
    IIT Patna has well-equipped labs required for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Workshops for mechanical and electrical engineering are in process.

  • Central Library:
    The central library inaugurated by Prof. Gautam Barua (Director, IIT Patna) houses essential reference and text books for students. Online catalog search facility is also available.


  1. The IIT Patna link to same page offers admission into all above programs on the basis of All India Rank (AIR) in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). For details, click here.


Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Navin Government Polytechnic Campus
Patliputra Colony
Patna 800 013
Telephone: +91-612-2277381, 2277382
Fax: +91-612- 2277383
Email: [email protected]

News: Click here for information on the new IITs.

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