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Privatised System of Education

In the Indian education system, apart from the government-aided institutes, there are large numbers of private institutes that have come into existence over a period of time. Privatisation has been made both at secondary and higher secondary level. The concept of privatisation in educational institutions means running the institute without taking financial subsidy from the government. However they are required to take recognition from the concerned authority of the government.

These schools are run by private societies or trusts/individuals.But they are affiliated to a board established by the government.Schools are either affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) or to the state boards.

In the past few years the improvement in the field of technical and professional education has reached to a significant level by the birth of several private institutes in the country.These private institutions are not only providing value based education to the students but also getting the status of deemed university or autonomous organization for their academic excellence.

The present context in the social, economic and political philosophy has led to the demand of privatization of education.Developed countries like the United States, Japan and Australia are following the same method to make their education system more transparent.But in the Indian education system, there are provisions of checks and balances.

There are certain institutions of foreign origin operating in the country.The government has full control on the foreign universities that are operating in India.

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