Infographic: 10 must-have smartphone apps for students studying abroad

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There are thousands of students going abroad every year to pursue higher education. The first few months in a foreign land can be tough because you are in a completely new environment with new people around. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, there are so many free apps that can be downloaded on our smartphone to make our survival easier in a new city and new country.

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There are certain apps that help us learn about the local culture and language while there are few other that can guide us to local attractions, restaurants and much more. So until, you make new friends in a new city, these ten must-have smartphone apps can be your savior.

must have smartphone apps for students studying abroad

It is hard to imagine life without some vital apps like Google Maps, Whatsapp and BBC Weather which is not only helpful for students studying abroad, but for everybody using a smartphone. So, update your smartphone and download all these apps if you haven’t already and make your life easier while studying abroad!

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