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The Law Department  of Allahabad University holds the rare distinction of being one of the  25 top law schools in the country. It became the first Department of Allahabad University with two posts of Professors in one Department of the University when an additional post of Professor of Jurisprudence was created later. The Law Department initially started its operation in Muir College from 1872 onwards till the new building for Law Faculty of immense architectural beauty was constructed around 1910, adjacent to Senate House on the northern side by the donations provided by the Oudh Bar Association. The Law Department was shifted to the new building which was constructed by UGC grants in the Chatham Lines campus of which Hon’ble Mr. A.K. Sen, the then Law Minister of India, had laid the foundation stone in 1965.

The transfer of Law Department to the new building was completed in early 1980s. Till 1955 when principle of rotation for the Dean among Professors was introduced, the Head of Law Department was also the Dean of the Law Faculty.

At present, the department is offering undergraduate course viz. LL.B and postgraduate program viz. LL.M. There is also a very good atmosphere for research activities. The department also encourages candidates to carry out research which lead to D. Phil and LL. Degrees. 

Course and Eligibility

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Degree

3-Year Course after 10 2 3. The admission to 320 seats is on the basis of Entrance Test conducted in May-June. This is a professional course, the conditions for which are strictly prescribed by the Bar Council of India. The students have to pass all the three parts for obtaining the LL.B. The LL.B.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree:

LL.B. Degree is minimum requirement for admission to 30 seats and this is done through an Entrance Test conducted in May-June every year. The students have to pass each of the Part I and Part II examinations. LL.M. Degree is minimum qualification for teaching posts of law in Universities.

Doctor of Philosophy in Law (D. Phil):

LL.M. degree is minimum qualification. Enrolment for D.Phil. is through application to Head of Law Department. A candidate can submit his research thesis prepared under a Supervisor appointed by Faculty Board of Law, 2 Years after award of LL.M. Residential requirement is necessary. The D.Phil degree is necessary for promotion of teachers.

Doctor of Laws (LL.D.):

LL.M. degree is minimum qualification. Enrolment for LL.D. is through application to Head of Law Department. A candidate can submit his research thesis 5 Years after obtaining LL.M. degree. Specialization is available at the post graduate level in Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Family Law, International Law, Human Rights, Mercantile Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Legal History and Environmental Law. However, foreign students are admitted to L.L.B. & L.L.M. classes according to the University norms on the advice of foreign student advisor without the requirement of appearing in the admission test. 

Course Pattern

The Faculty of Law at the Allahabad University follows a semester system. Students have to study 6 subjects in every semester. That means a total of 60 subjects. The students have to undergo compulsory internship, along with 2 projects.


Head of the Deptt.,
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