5 Myths and Facts About Online MBA

It really does not take much time to get something to trend nowadays. Everyone goes for something that can be achieved quickly or in a short period of time. Online MBA caters to that thought process. Hence you will find a lot of people opting for an online MBA degree without really giving much thought to what it entails and is it the right degree for them. There are a lot of recognized colleges and institutions along with autonomous ones that offer various online management courses across India. Since they are much less expensive than the full-time campus MBA, students go for it.

We will cover the common myths and facts around Online MBA so that it becomes easier for you to choose the right program and the right method.

Let us cover the myths first since a lot of people get blinded by the offers made by various universities.

Myths About Online MBA

  • Online MBA courses are recognized by UGC/AICTE and other approval bodies.
  • Online courses are a great substitute to classroom courses.
  • Online MBA courses are just diploma courses.
  • Online MBA courses are cheaper so it is better than going for a full-time campus MBA course since it is very expensive.
  • Online course can help improve technical skills of a person.

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Facts About Online MBA

  • Online MBA courses are not a favourable option for freshers as they are not recognized as valid courses by various companies or employers.
  • Online MBA course gives your CV/Resume a value addition and not a career base.
  • Online MBA requires a great deal of self-restraint and self-study along with immense focus.
  • Anyone who wants to pursue an online MBA course needs to be tech savvy since most of the study material is provided online.
  • An online MBA is not a substitute for formal, full-time MBA.

An online MBA course should be taken up by mainly working professionals with 2-3 years of work experience. It is beneficial to someone who is looking for a postgraduate degree or a job and wants to improve their skill set.

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