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An interview with a CAT 2017 topper who scored 100 percentile- Meet Agrawal


The CAT 2017 results have been announced recently, on January 8, 2018. Around 20 candidates have scored a 100 percentile in CAT this year. While the CAT 2016 toppers were all males and from an engineering background, this year there are 3 women and 3 non-engineers who have scored a 100 percentile and made it to the top 20 list.


We got the opportunity to interview one of the CAT 2017 toppers, Meet Agrawal. Meet hails from Surat and is currently in his final year of B.Com & CA. He managed to clear CAT 2017 in his first attempt and score a whopping 100 percentile!

His father is a textile businessman, his mother runs a dance institute in Surat and his sister is an IIM Udaipur graduate and is currently working on her own startup. Let’s see what Meet has to say about his success-

How does it feel to clear CAT in the very first attempt with a 100 percentile score?

Meet: I feel great! Scoring a full 100 percentile was my target since the beginning. I’ve put in a lot of effort to get into a premier B-School and my parents are very proud of what I’ve achieved today

What was your preparation strategy?

Meet: I started preparing for CAT a year back. Honestly speaking, for the first six months I didn’t put in much effort, but later on I started focusing seriously. Preparing for CAT was fun, I loved solving the Logical Reasoning section. The Reading Comprehension section always gave me something new to read about everyday, I also enjoyed solving the quantitative section, but I avoided learning shortcut formulas to solve them. I don’t think shortcut formulas help in the long-run.


Did you take up any coaching classes to prepare for CAT 2017 or did it all  by yourself?

Meet: I joined a coaching class called Endaevour Coaching a year back, their study material and classes were really helpful. Then I started solving mock test papers from TIME and IMS. I think solving mock tests are one of the best ways to prepare for CAT. I have solved more than 80 mock tests during my course of preparation

What are your hobbies?

Meet: I love playing Table Tennis and Chess. I represented Gujarat in Chess and Table Tennis at the under 14 Asian and Commonwealth Games. I think sports keep you fit and active. I also watch a lot of talk shows like TED talk and of course, I enjoy listening to music. 

Meet20Agrawal 21

How did you manage to balance your leisure and study time?

Meet: I did not have any proper study schedule during my CAT preparation. I studied whenever I felt like and took enough breaks in between to relax my mind. I think nobody should study for more than 3 hours at a stretch. taking breaks in between studies also helps to improve concentration.

How was the whole CAT 2017 experience for you, right from the preparation to the result?

Meet: It was a wonderful experience. the CA course that I took up was very much learning oriented. Despite of securing an All India Rank, I didn’t enjoy studying CA. On the other hand, preparing for CAT was always fun, I enjoyed preparing for all the sections and since my focus was to score a 100 percentile from the beginning, I was determined to work as hard as possible. 

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What do you aspire to be in the future?

After my MBA, I’ll join business directly. My family is into business and that is what I aspire to do as well.

Would you like to give any tips and suggestion for the future CAT aspirants?

Yes, I think people who want to give CAT tend to study a lot. Also, many of them are afraid of the vocabulary part and they resort of flashcard reading. I personally feel, it is a waste of time because when you try to learn too many new words everyday, it muddles up your mind. I’d rather suggest people to learn from content and have a proper strategy in place for every section. People should also stop looking for shortcuts to crack CAT, all the shortcut formulas and methods that are taught today are mere marketing gimmicks and they are really not helpful in real life. 

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