CAT Preparation Tips

Kritika Yadav

Kritika Yadav

CAT Preparation Tips

CAT Preparation Tips: The Common Admission Test (CAT), which is a computer based test, is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIM.) CAT analyzes the quantitative ability, verbal ability, data interpretation skills and logical reasoning of the students. After 2011, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) also started using the CAT scores, instead of JMET scores for admission to their post graduate management courses. In order to get admitted to the management programs in any one of the IIMs or the IITs it is essential to qualify the CAT with high scores. The scores of the students in CAT have been as high as 99.83% and it is essential to crack CAT to be a part of the IIMs or any of the top MBA colleges of India.

CAT Exam Pattern

Before preparing for CAT it is vital to understand the exam pattern for year 2022. There will be two different sections, one involving quantitative ability & data interpretation and the second section involves verbal ability & logical reasoning.The test duration in 170 minutes. There will be 50 questions in both sections. Students can switch between sections at any point of time during the exam. The tutorial which was previously available at the start of test will not be available now, and students have to do the tutorials well in advance.

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CAT Preparation tips

There are 5 important dimensions for success in CAT and the CAT preparation 2022 must include the following steps.

  1. Speed: This is the number of questions that can be solved in a given time limit. This includes both difficult and easy questions. It is essential to practice solving more difficult questions in lesser time period.
  2. Concentration: The level of concentration tends to decrease as time passes. Thus it is vital to keep up the concentration level throughout the 170 minute test period.
  3. Accuracy: CAT involves negative marking and so it is essential to give correct answers. Accuracy is the number of correct answers of all attempted questions. Every wrong answer will bring about a detection of -1 mark.
  4. Easy Questions: There is certain percentage of easy questions in each paper and it must be ensured that these questions are answered.
  5. Traps: Traps are the difficult questions that sound easy while reading. Most of the candidates tend to waste time solving these questions. So it is essential to manage time effectively and to make sure that maximum number of questions is answered with in the time period.

CAT Preparation Strategy

Knowing the dimensions of CAT preparation 2022, what follows next is the CAT preparation strategy. A well planned strategy will bring about sure success in CAT. Here is one such strategy for cracking CAT.There are 7 basic steps that form the strategy

  1. Understanding CAT and its pattern to the core
  2. Performing a self SWOT analysis for analyzing the strength and weakness
  3. CAT preparation material are to be made ready well in advance
  4. Section wise study plan is to be jotted
  5. Focusing on the basics
  6. Taking lots of MOCK tests and analyzing them to know where you stand, and
  7. Time management

Phases of preparation for CAT

here are 3 phases of preparation for CAT. It is essential to allot enough time for each phase.

Phase I: This phase involves building the fundamental concepts and preparing the basics. 50% of the preparation time must be allotted to this phase.

Phase II: This phase involves building intensity. Approximately 25% of the preparation time must be allotted to fine tune the concepts and to practice more questions.

Phase III: This phase involves mock tests. It is essential to take up more and more mock tests and approximately 25% of the preparation time must be spent in taking up mock tests.

Having all these tips and strategy in mind and putting in the best effort will lead to success in CAT. It is essential to start preparing well in advance. At least 3 months of preparation is essential for CAT.

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