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We buy our clothes online and even the electronics in our house. We even buy our grocery online nowadays. Similarly, why can’t we study online? There is scepticism surrounding online MBA since the very beginning. There are quite a few contributing factors to this. However since there has always been a focus on the negatives of online MBA, let’s focus on the positives for a change. You might just end up registering yourself for an online MBA course very soon.

First and foremost, online MBA is not just offered by Tier II B-schools but also by Tier I B-schools across India and the globe. This is mostly because of the growing trend of students wishing to work and study simultaneously. I think that is quite motivating, right? Secondly, due to the people having limited resources, online MBA seems like a feasible option as compared to the campus MBA.

Let us get to know the top reasons you should consider yourself lucky for pursuing an online MBA.

Flexibility and Accessibility

Like studying at your own time and pace AND place? Well an online MBA is just the right option for you. You do not have to spend time or money on travelling and you can choose to study in the comfort of your home with a cuppa coffee by your study table. Does sound good, isn’t it? To add to your delight, you can receive benefits from your workplace as well. Most companies fund an employee’s MBA. Since they believe that after the completion of their MBA, the employee will remain with the company.

Most candidates in an online MBA program are usually short of money to fund themselves for a campus MBA. They do not wish to lose out on their jobs either. Online MBA comes to the rescue. With an option to work and study at the same time, who wouldn’t opt for one?

An online MBA course is accessible in such situations and with the flexibility involved in the duration of the program along with the ability to manage your work, gives it a green signal.

Academically Sound

No worries with respect to the academic structure of an online MBA program either. A full-time campus MBA, part-time MBA and an online MBA are no different in terms of academics and the syllabus taught. Some of the best B-schools offer online courses only.

The most popular MBA courses, Finance, Marketing, HR, Accounting, among others, are taught similarly to the way it is taught in a classroom. The only difference being, in a campus MBA program you will have a teacher physically present in front of you while in an online MBA program you will be giving that extra jolt to your ears since you will be listening in through the headset/earphones.

Authenticity and Legitimacy

Due to all these factors, an online MBA gains a strong foothold as a legitimate, authentic and sought after mode of study for MBA. Entry requirements, syllabus, and the degree offered in an online MBA and a full-time campus MBA is the same.

Although employers still give preference to graduates of a campus MBA, online MBA graduates are receiving recognition for their efforts as well. Basically, an online MBA course is now garnering the praise it deserves.

More and more people are opting for online MBA programs now than they probably were a decade ago.

Gives you a sense of hope right?

Corporate Funding

As mentioned above, a lot of companies are providing sponsorship to their bright and potential employees who want to pursue an online MBA course. Other than probably an executive MBA, no other mode of MBA offers this luxury.

Managers and the senior group of people within the company realise the importance of an online MBA and are willing to shell out some money to increase the competency of their employee. In turn it makes the company look good too.

You will make me look good, won’t you?

Talk. Talk. Talk. Networking goes global.

Yes, it may seem presumptuous but networking can be done via an online MBA course as well. Just like everything else in the program, it will be ONLINE.

You can be pursuing that course from India and get tips on how to nail a particular topic from someone sitting across the globe. The networking through an online MBA happens on a wider and global scale.

Planning to design an app but do not have the expertise to do so? Voila! You can get in touch with someone who is a pro at it and guess what? He/she are probably not even in the same country as you. Makes your job easier though right? Getting the work done is what you want.

As clichéd as it may sound, it is not in our hands to know what the future holds. BUT if you really want to get that MBA degree you have been wishing for since a long, long time, an online MBA program is one of the best ways to do it.

Which other mode of study will give you a ‘break’ when you need one other than an online MBA? Think! And go for it!

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