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MBA Group Discussion Tips & Guidelines

GD Guidelines

Group Discussion is a major hurdle for MBA aspirants. We have compiled some important tips and guidelines that will help you sail smoothly in the Group Discussion.

  • First and foremost, besides communicating ideas fluently and effectively, the candidate must be able to listen attentively. It is also important to encourage participation from all members.

  • Remember to keep the discussion on the subject, or to bring it back to the subject.

  • Do not take the discussion on a tangent by adding irrelevant points.

  • Do not harp on small points thereby obscuring the critical issues. In this connection, you will have to deal tactfully with irrelevant contributions.

  • Similarly, you must remember to control the over-talkative members. Do not allow one or two members to monopolize the discussion.

  • It would be useful to develop your ability to make original points that steer the group into discussing other angles to the topic.

  • You must focus your efforts on consistently making points that will enhance the quality of the discussion.

  • Avoid personal arguments.

  • Similarly, avoid sub-grouping tendencies. Candidates lacking self-confidence, tend to converse with other members instead of addressing the group directly. It would be useful to draw out group-members’ views and experiences which may be relevant and helpful. Hence, get each member to voice a range of opinions all different from your own. Help to activate the thinking process in the group. Also remember to check on the group’s assimilation of the subject matter.

  • For effective leadership in group discussions conclude each argument at the right time and in the right manner. You should be able to review the highlights of the discussions that the group arrives at during the discussion.

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