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MBA Group Discussion (GD) Topics


This page gives you a list of common Group Discussion Topics in MBA entrance exams. After you qualify for the written exam of CAT, MAT, SNAP or any other management entrance exam, you have to start preparing for Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Though one cannot predetermine the GD topic for MBA, yet there are some common topics which you can prepare for MBA group discussions. Some of the GD topics for MBA are:

  • The role of print media advertising has diminished with the advent of TV
  • Euthanasia should be legalized
  • The opportunities and challenges facing India in a uni-polar world
  • India needs a benevolent dictator for the next five years
  • There should be compulsory sterilization after the first child
  • Film Censorship should be abolished
  • Voting age for Indians should not be lowered to 18 years
  • Students must take active interest in politics
  • In order to check AIDS sex with foreigners and NRIs should be banned
  • Capital punishment should be abolished
  • Cricket is a waste of national resource
  • Yesterday’s man was a finance man, today’s is a marketing man, and tomorrow’s will be an HRD man
  • Communism is irrelevant in today’s world
  • Use of drugs in sports is justified
  • India cannot afford a sporting extravaganza like Olympics
  • In order to check brain drain, IIT graduates should be made to sign a bond to serve for five years in the country
  • Religion based political parties should be banned   
  • Reservations for SC/STs is necessary for their upliftment
  • Our education system has proved ineffective
  • India should follow a two-party system like the U.S.
  • The Indian Army should reoccupy POK
  • With the lowest industry growth rate since Independence, India ’s liberalization policy has been proved ineffective
  • One man’s terrorist is another man’s martyr   
  • What India needs most is a presidential form of government
  • Corruption is a necessary evil for success in any sphere   
  • Modern English education has alienated the Indian youth from the mainstream of the country’s life
  • Work experience must be a prerequisite for management education   
  • Modern management education is a perfect example of old wine in new bottles
  • Public sector in India is a white elephant  
  • Unity in India is a myth
  • Communism is for the poor, capitalism is for the rich 
  • There is life after death
  • Use of guinea pigs for medical research must be banned  
  • Politics is the last refuge of the uneducated scoundrel
  • The Islamic bomb will lead to world peace  
  • Advertising is a wasteful expenditure
  • Exploitation of the female anatomy should be banned in advertising 
  • Love marriage is the best form of marriage
  • Doordarshan must be made autonomous   
  • There should be compulsory army enlisting for every male citizen of the country
  • Capitalism and communism are in the process of merging together to form a new politico economic order   
  • Sex education should be made compulsory from high school onwards
  • Ragging is a necessary evil 
  • The biggest problem-confronting mankind today is…
  • Destruction of this planet earlier than expected would be due to a faulty basic premise in economics, called “growth” 
  • Professional sportsmen/athletics should be allowed to participate in the Olympics
  • Burgeoning growth of metros like Bombay can be stopped only by removing the slums  
  • Value based politics has no place in Indian politics
  • Drug peddlers should be sentenced to death  
  • Doordarshan and A.I.R. should be privatized
  • Indian capital markets have come a long way
  • Yesterday’s was a joint family, today’s a nuclear family, and tomorrow’s will be a ‘no family’
  • Religion is the root cause of all evils in India
  • Indian film industry is on its deathbed
  • Screening of cigarette and liquor ads should be allowed on TV   
  • Income tax should be banned to avoid tax evasion
  • India should align with the U.S. to accelerate industrial growth 
  • Democracy in India is nothing but civilized monarchy
  • Increasing automation is the only key to industrial growth in India 
  • Only God can save India
  • Sale of gold to the public must be stopped to prevent wastage of national resources  
  • Women Reservation
  • Conversion: Necessary Evil  
  • How to check Hijacking
  • Future of Coalition Governments
  • Match fixing: We are responsible
  • Legalize Corruption     

For detailed list of Group Discussion topics for CAT/IIMs, click here

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