Debunking the MAT Myths

Author: Tripti Rai

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Management Aptitude Test (MAT) which is conducted by AIMA 4 times a year and is one of the biggest Management Entrances in India with more than 200 colleges keeping MAT scores as a criterion for admissions. But with big names like CATXAT and SNAP in our heads most of the times we tend to take MAT lightly. Here are some of the myths related to MAT that in all honesty are so not true.

1. It is easier to crack MAT.

Yes, the difficulty level in MAT exams is comparatively less but with the number of questions and less time, it is more difficult to complete the whole paper. Combine the time constraint with accuracy of answers and you’ll find solving MAT an equally difficult task in the league of CAT and XAT.  A candidate needs to have a score of more than 700 in order to get into good management colleges.

2. The one about Sectional Cut offs.

Remember when your parents told you that your life would be over if you don’t get 80% in 10th boards? Well this is something like that. This famous rumour is one meant to scare away all the students giving the exam for no reason. During admissions into colleges, the criteria is based on total MAT score and no section wise cut offs are set like they are in CAT. It means you are fine if you are not good at reading comprehension, you can compensate your marks in Quantitative Ability.

3. Work experience is required for giving MAT

Another major misconception, MAT eligibility criteria clearly specifies that a student appearing for MAT should be a graduate in any field with 50% aggregate marks from any recognized university if they wish to take admission in any college through Mat.

4. Being the best in mathematics is enough to get a good MAT score

Mathematics is not the only section in MAT and excellence in any one section is not enough to get a good score. Even though strong maths skills help with Quantitative Aptitude, it is practice in Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension which will help you achieve the score you want in Mat.

5. Coaching will get you through MAT

Professional coaching and expert advice can only help till an extent. What really matters is how much hard work you are willing to do to get a good MAT score. Most of the coaching institute have a habit of teaching to the masses and are unable to cater to the individual needs of a student. It is the student who has to understand and explore his/her capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly. No amount of coaching will help you achieve your goal than your hard work and dedication.

6. It is better to give MAT later.

Because it is conducted 4 times a year, students end up thinking that they’ll give the MAT attempt in it’s 2nd round to know more about how the paper pattern was. The truth is, difficulty level of a MAT paper varies from time to time and is not subjective repetition. The questions are different too and there is a good chance that the 1st time would be easier than the 2nd. The point is, there is no better time than now. If you really want to crack MAT, go now!

And finally after all the curtains have been drawn, it is your chance to pull up your sleeves and start preparing for MAT. So, what are you waiting for?

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