AIMA MAT Exam Pattern 2022

MAT Exam pattern

MAT Feb 2022 will be conducted in its paper-based format and its computer-based format on the 6th of Feb and the 13th of March onwards, 2022 respectively, by AIMA. It will also be conducted in remote proctored internet-based format on 26 Feb, 27 Feb, 5 Mar, 12 Mar and 13 Mar. The Management Aptitude Test is conducted four times a year in the months of February, May, September, and December. The paper has 200 objective, multiple-choice questions divided into five sections. The exam pattern for MAT Feb 2022 is detailed below.

MAT Exam Pattern 2022

The different sections detailed below talk about the different modes in which this examination is offered, the sections on which the candidates are tested, the duration of the exam, and its marking scheme.


MAT 2022 is offered in two modes:

  • MAT Online/Computer-based Test (CBT): Candidates have to take the exam, sitting in front of a computer. The questions are shown on the computer and the candidate picks the correct answer using computer accessories like a keyboard or a mouse. To take a computer-based test, it is essential that that the candidate have basic knowledge of how to use a computer.
  • MAT Paper-based Test (PBT): Candidates have to mark their answers in an OMR answer sheet with an HB pencil. Choose the correct option from the choice of possible answers and darken the oval corresponding to the answer of the relevant question number. Candidates aren't provided with any rough sheet; you are allowed to do your calculations in the book itself.
  • MAT Remote Proctured Internet-based Test (IBT): Candidates have to take the exam sitting in front of a computer from their homes. The questions are shown on the computer and candidates pick the correct answer using computer accessories like a keyword or a mouse. All time proctoring is done to ensure smooth conduction and no usage of unfair means are used.
  • These modes are have been made available keeping in mind the simplicity of the three modes and accessibility of centers for different candidates.Covid pandemic situation is also accounted while creating IBT format to take MAT.


    The MAT exam pattern for MAT may 2022 is such that it comprises 200 questions, divided equally between five different sections, to be answered in a total duration of 150 minutes (2.5 hours). All questions are worth equal marks. There is negative marking for wrong answers. For each right answer, the candidate scores 1 mark, and for every wrong answer 0.5 marks is deducted.The question paper is set in the English language only.


    There are 5 different sections that make up the MAT Exam Paper, each of which have 40 questions under it. These are:

    Language Comprehension:

    Candidates are tested on their comprehension and reading skills. Candidates need to be proficient in grammar, too. It is suggested to take no more than 30 minutes with this section. 

    Mathematical Skills:

    This section tests candidates on business mathematics, arithmetic, geometry, permutations and combinations, etc. 40 minutes is the ideal time that candidates should take to complete this section.

    Data Analysis and Sufficiency:

    Candidates are asked to study diagrams and graphs to analyze the data and interpret it in relation to the problem at hand. It is advisable to not take more than 35 minutes with this section.

    Intelligence and Critical Reasoning:

    As the name suggests, this section tests candidates on logical reasoning, data arrangement, input/output analysis, etc. If you have prepared for MAT well, then this section should take only 30 minutes to solve

    Indian and Global Environment

    These sections have been included in the exam in order to gauge the overall awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the candidate. 15 minutes is the suggested amount of time that candidates should take to solve this section.

    Marking Scheme:

    The candidate is awarded 1 mark for every right answer and 1/4th of the total marks of the question, i.e. 0.25 marks is deducted for every wrong answer. The maximum marks a candidate can score is 200.

    Section No.


    No. of Questions

    Time for each section (estimated)


    Language Comprehension




    Mathematical Skills




    Data Analysis and Sufficiency




    Intelligence and Critical Reasoning




    Indian and Global Environment







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