Which MBA is right for you?

Deciding to go for an MBA is a big step in anyone’s life, as it is a major financial as well as time commitment. People choose to pursue an MBA with the goal of improving their career and earning potential. It is therefore important to consider very carefully whether to do a full-time MBA or a part-time MBA program and whether to study online or at a campus location. These decisions could help your financials significantly, as you may be able to earn while paying fees if that is a priority for you. On the other hand you may choose to fully immerse yourself in a full-time MBA program. And then comes the question of whether to study in India or abroad… and so on. There are so many questions to find answers to. We have put together a handy chart to take you through the decision making process. Also do go through the interactive quiz to see what type of MBA would be best for you.


MBA Infographics