Nature Of Work And Lifestyle

Management is a structured career as an activity, the purpose of which is to make the best use of available resources such as man, material, money and time in order to achieve the objective that is given.

Management as a career at times seems to be a transferable skill that managers often take their expertise from one type of organization to another – say from manufacturing to travel and tourism industry. Managers are decision makers. They set goals and policies as a business executive, manages well to direct others in sales, purchase, accounting, production and research.

As far as the nature of management people are concerned, they are expected to work principally as an analyst or a consultant who will be assigned to follow up/case study a team that works to solve a specific problem. Such given task generally involved in the following stages:

  • Defining the nature and extent of the project, identifying the problem/other issues
  • Gathering data, collecting information, researching facts
  • Analyzing and synthesizing the data
  • Developing recommendations/proposing solutions
  • Preparing written reports and/or making formal oral presentations
  • Assisting in the implementation of their recommendations
  • A management persona’s initial experience will vary from organization to organization. New consultants at a smaller firm will generally receive more responsibility in a shorter period of time than they would receive from a larger organization. In some of the larger organizations, where managers may be assigned to an industry group analysis, which will consume larger time of their day leaving them feel tired doing analysis and modeling.

Students considering different consulting firms as potential employers should thoroughly research each firm to fully understand the nature of the work they will be expected to do.

The management training methods and experience varies from firm to firm. Large firms generally have excellent, formal training programs, while for many smaller firms, training is on the job. Managers are required to work under high pressure most of the times. They may be expected to spend many weeks each year at clients’ out-of-town locations, sacrificing social and family concerns. But the financial and other benefits offered to management people are tremendous. On the individual level, there is the reward of working in a field that values creativity and initiative, has a real impact on a client organization, and commands a great deal of status and respect in the business world!

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