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Fellowship and Research Programs


Ph.D. is the highest level of education that one can obtain in an academic discipline. The initials stand for “Doctor of Philosophy”, where the word ‘doctor’ comes form the original Latin root meaning “teacher”. The degree isn’t limited to what we would today call the field of Philosophy. The term ‘philosophy’ is used more generally here to refer to any academic discipline.

PhD and fellowship programs in management are the study programs that prepare students to conduct high quality research in a chosen discipline of management. Area of research is selected in these programs according to each candidate’s ability to conduct research in the chosen area.
Like other subject areas of management research and fellowship programs also require students to carry out an intensive research based study on the specific topic. The main objective of these programs is to complete and submit a major research based thesis, working with the selected faculty. The Ph.D. degree is awarded upon the successful completion of a final oral presentation on the thesis.
The fellowship or research programs in management programs are offered by many B-schools and universities with/without financial assistance. Getting fellowship or financial assistance for these research programs are based on the admission tests and/or the past research experience of the candidates. The admission criterion varies from school to school.
All PhD/Fellowship students must spend three to five years in full-time research study and they are expected to focus full-time efforts on the doctoral studies.  The financial aid is initially offered for the first couple of years generally (in some cases three years) and can be extended for more time period satisfying the conditions of the specific school or the sponsors.
Fellowship or the research programs allows students to expand their capability, aptitude, competence to review, analyze, conduct and publish research through a series of research seminars and theory-building and statistical course work that supplement and complement students’ abilities and desires. Those who complete the PhD programs are considered  experts in the specific area of study.
The top B-schools and Institutes in the country identify the best student-talents and offer them the fellowship assistance for carrying out the entire PhD program. A high end research environment is provided to the students for pursuing their research work to increase their skills. 
    • Conduct research and publish scientific journals
    • Effectively teach courses at the university level 
As an outcome, the doctoral or a fellowship program in the field of management is rigorous, and should be viewed as a full-time commitment for a minimum of four years to a maximum of six years!

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