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Management - Other Programs


Apart from the conventional or traditional degree programs in the field of management, there are number of other programs offered in India. These programs focus more on the demands of today’s labor job market which are broadly classified into 

    1. Vocational programs 
    2. Technical training programs
    3. Certificate programs
The programs are at times considered as foundation programs for pursuing higher degree programs in the management field.                                     
Who can pursue?
Vocational education or technical training programs in management are suitable for students who wish to have a career in business/ entrepreneurship Vocational education is a form of education in which people are provided with practical skills which will allow them to engage in careers which involve manual or practical abilities.
Some examples of careers for which people can receive vocational education training include: aviation mechanics, hotel management, hairstyling, plumbing, air conditioner installation etc. People who want to develop new skills for example suitably experienced workers, with or without existing qualifications or who want to acquire new skills to support them to stay in the workforce and contribute to the economy, can pursue these programs
Training methods
These other kinds of management programs generally consist of two parts of training. The academic portion covers the traditional classroom study about the specific area such as small business start-ups or any other vocational area. The second portion involves intensive training and exams and/or project work dissertation submission.
The method by which job training is delivered often varies based on the needs of the company, the trainee, and on the task being performed. The method should suit the audience, the content, the business environment, and the learning objective. Ideally, the method chosen will motivate employees to learn, help employees prepare themselves for learning, enable the trainees to apply and practice what they’ve been taught, help trainees retain and transfer what they have learned, and integrate performance with other skills and knowledge.
Who may offer a Vocational Certificate or Vocational Diploma? 
    • Registered Training Institutes / Organizations
    • Universities and other approved higher education institutions
    • Vocational Education Training Providers

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