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Post Graduate Programs


Masters program are aimed at developing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of management while maintaining work and life commitments. Through a diverse set of course offerings, pedagogies, and formats, you have the flexibility to shape the experience according to your personal needs and interests.

Masters degree basically comprises of two-years and is intended towards preparing students to take up executive responsibilities in various career fields in organizations through acquisition of analytical skills, functional knowledge, problem solving skills, communication skills and leadership etc.
The two-year management program is generally spread over six trimesters (as in the case of autonomous business schools: IIMs, XLRI etc.). It consists of four semesters (in University Colleges, FMS etc.). 
The first-year course curriculum usually comprises of basic knowledge required to understand and analyze the operations within the organization. The first year curriculum is almost same in most of the business schools.
The courses are designed in such a manner that it helps the students to understand and solve specific problems from the diverse functional areas such as marketing, human resource, production and finance etc. The subject matters of different courses are coordinated in a fashion which helps the student in understanding the inter-related aspects of the functions within the organization.
Students are generally expected to undertake summer projects in organizations for a period of six to ten weeks at the end of the first year. This helps the students in applying their academic knowledge in practical field which helps them gaining further knowledge about the same. This helps the student further in the selection electives in the second year of their studies.
The second-year curriculum is designed in a manner that it provides the students an in-depth knowledge of the functional areas of the organization and the related career one chooses to specialize in.
Specializations are generally obtainable in the following functional areas:- 
    • Finance
    • Management and Control
    • Marketing
    • MIS
    • Behavioral Sciences
    • Economics
    • Operations Management
    • P M & I R

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