Step1: Analyze your goals

Choosing the right B-School!! When options are unlimited, it becomes very difficult to make the right choice. Nowadays, business schools are mushrooming like the rashes in the monsoon. It creates a mirage of confusion and anxiety in the minds of students to select the right one that would help them write their name in the air.

Success in the management exams is short-lived. It is further followed by a crucial decision, which institute should you finally opt for. The task of choosing a B-School has become even more difficult today because there is no standard parameter or universally acceptable criteria in our country. Of late, a number of surveys have been carried out by leading magazines which further aggravate confusion in the minds of the student.

Considering all the dilemma and confusion, NNE has tried to give students a solution that would guide them select the right B- School.

Listed here, are the most important parameters that should be kept in mind while choosing a B-School. Click on the links to know more.

Step 1: In-depth analysis of your vision
Step 2: Profile of Faculty and Alumni
Step 3: Campus Life
Step 4: Infrastructure
Step 5: Enticements
Step 6: Financial Aid and Scholarships
Step 7: Placements
Step 8: Accreditation

Step 1: In-depth analysis of your vision

It is very important to know your inward appeal and motivation for taking up an MBA course. Are you a career switcher or a career progresser? Is a hike in salary more important to you or do you need international experience? 

Is your goal to broaden your mental horizons through education or to hone your skills for career enhancement? Answers to these questions are very important while selecting a B-School. It will help you chalk out the type of career you like to pursue vis-a-vis your interest. Once you are clear about your career options, then self assessment of your abilities and skills come into prominence.

After becoming aware of every aspect of your strength and weakness, then investigate the B-Schools’ area of specialization in relation to your career goal. It brings companies to campus to recruit students with desired specialization. See which B-Schools are famous for the specialization you wish to pursue in your MBA. Does it fulfill your requirements? Take all these aspects into consideration before choosing a B-School.

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