Step 2: Faculty and alumni

The profile of Faculty assumes a greater significance while choosing a B-School. It plays a pivotal role in preparing a student to face the challenges of real life and come out triumphantly. You can get information about the faculty from the institute’s website and brochure. The quality of education solely depends on the caliber of the faculty members.

All institutes have detailed profiles of their permanent and visiting faculty members. The permanent faculty members are usually academicians who impart theoretical knowledge to students whereas visiting faculty are normally working professionals who provide students with the necessary exposure to the practical way of working.

Find out how often these faculty visit and the hours they devote to the institute. A good institute needs a judicious mix of permanent and visiting faculty. Apart from this you can talk to students who have already graduated from the institute and see what they have to say. Interact or establish a good relationship with the alumni.

They can give you invaluable information as well as suggestions that you will not get from anywhere. The profile of alumni determines the reputation of an institute and makes it stand tall. See whether there are enough alumni in your field of interest. If you are not satisfied with the profile of alumni, be warned.

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