Step 7: Placements

Placements do matter but it should not be the only criteria in selecting a B-School. Donot consider B-Schools as placements agencies! B-Schools are responsible for imparting knowledge and preparing you to deliver in an adverse position. The efficacy of placements is inversely proportional to the claim made by the institutes. 

Ask institutes for names of companies that visit their campus and the number of placements in each year. If they give you name of companies that do not come regularly, be cautious. An institute that gives you a detailed list and claim placements up to 60 percent is the one to look out for.

Summer internship plays a significant role in the life of management students. It adds arrows of practical skills to the quiver of students’ mind. Ask for a list of students who got jobs after summer internship. If there is none, it speaks about the quality of students and the institute as well.

Management Development Programmes (MDPs) are a very good indicator of future placements. It establishes good relation between a firm and the institution. Higher and well-attended MDP indicates that the faculty is sought after by firms, the potential recruiters. But don’t interpret it with ‘industry interaction’.

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