What is MBA?

What is MBA

If you go by the dictionary definition an MBA is a post graduate degree in business administration. MBA or Masters in Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees among students the world over. The MBA program is recognized worldwide and is considered as a major step towards a successful management career.

Essence of MBA

But have you paused and thought what is MBA all about? Is it just a degree that helps you add an extra column to your CV, or helps you climb up the ladder or helps you increase your bank balance? Yes it does all the above and much beyond. MBA education goes beyond classroom teaching and helps in the holistic development of an individual.

An MBA helps in building your network, skills and brand. Soft skills of leadership, ethics, team work and communication become the driving force of your life. While you will obviously use hard skills like theory knowledge of finance, marketing, accounting and operations in your job, your soft skills will help you grow from just an individual to a well-rounded individual.

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Networking and MBA

If you are still in two minds what will MBA provide you with other than a degree and a lucrative career, then let’s assure you that an MBA offers a valuable network which you can cherish for life. A strong alumni, an excellent faculty, brilliant batch mates will help you go places from any remote part of the country. Remember all global businesses need local support.

So even if you open a start-up and wish to be an entrepreneur, your right contacts at the right places and at the right time will help you do just that.

Learning and Application

MBA is not just about learning key concepts in the field of management. It is about how you apply those concepts and become a successful manager. An MBA from one of the top management institutes will help you develop application skills through several live projects but you become a successful manager only when you are faced with real problems and come out with real time solutions based on your MBA education.

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MBA – True Meaning

As very rightly mentioned by somebody real management is developing people through work and not getting work done through people. The right program for MBA will teach you exactly this and help you become a manager in its true sense.

If you are an engineer and contemplating whether or not join MBA after Engineering, then read our article on MBA After Engineering.

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