Scope Of Mass Communication In India, Jobs & Career Options

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Why should one go for a course in media and communication when one has endless list of courses to choose from? What is there in it that makes it different from others? Is there really any scope after pursuing mass communication? These are the questions that are often asked. In this article, we will try to find answer to these commonly asked questions.

Changing Scenario of Mass Communication in India

A decade back, mass communication classes used to had only a handful number of students but now scenario has changed immensely. The vast mass communication jobs in different areas like Newspapers, journals, advertising films, radio, production houses, publication houses and Television are enough to fascinate any student towards taking up this course vis-à-vis others. Apart from number of jobs, the challenge, creative satisfaction and good remuneration package that these jobs are some of the other factors for the students to move towards it. Plus, if one wants name and fame this is the best field. By taking up professions like Radio Jockeys or Anchors one can rise to fame instantly.

The Impact of Media Industry in India

Media has become the part and parcel of our daily lives. We stay connected to each other through social media. Social media sites help us to update our recent activities and let people know what we are up to. the media industry is one of the booming industries in the world. It provides job opportunities to media students and offers a very fast paced and challenging environment to work. One of the best part of working in this sector is that Mass Communication course encompasses various streams. From advertising to Journalism to Public Relations, a student can opt for any field he likes. The scope of mass communication in India is wide, if you can do well in your field, you can work with some of the best publishing houses, production houses, news channels, radio channels or PR firms of the country.

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