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What medical/ healthcare career options exist?


The medical field in India is a vast one, with careers in medicine or healthcare available to graduates of various levels of education and educational backgrounds. Possible careers range from masseuse, to acupuncturist, to nutritionist, to technician, to dentist, to paediatrician, and all the way up to neurosurgeon. Whatever type of medicine you may want to practice, be it traditional (homeopathic) or modern (allopathic), the options are practically endless, as the field of medicine in India continues to grow and develop more each year. Here you will find a list of all the various possible medical careers currently practiced in India, and the basic breakdown of what type of educational background you need in order to pursue each one.Medicine in India falls into two categories: traditional, also known as alternative, homeopathic, or holistic; and modern, also known as Western, or allopathic. Sometimes there is some overlap between the two, and given that there has been a resurgence in popularity of traditional medicine over the last few years (even in the US, a country with a history of being rather dismissive of traditional medicine), more overlap is likely to come as there is an increasing push to incorporate and combine the two fields. At present though, when choosing a career in medicine to work toward, one should still choose to focus on either one or the other, so as to know which educational track to follow.

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