30 Engineering Colleges In Karnataka To Be Upgraded To Global Standards In 5 Years: Education Minister Ashwath Narayan

Around 30 colleges in Karnataka have been selected for the Regional Ecosystem for Technical Excellence (RETE). Read below to find out more.

The education minister of Karnataka, Asnhwath Naryan, announced in an interview on Tuesday, 2022, that around 30 colleges in Karnataka, including 14 government colleges, have been selected for Regional Ecosystem for Technical Excellence (RETE). The purpose of RETE is to upgrade these selected colleges to global standards in the next 5 years.

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“Thirty colleges across the state have been selected for the RETE. These are considered under the three categories of incubation, accelerator, and Super-30. Private colleges have been selected in those districts where there are no government colleges,” said the education minister.

The implementation of RETE will be done with the collaboration of the government, industry, and VTU, said the minister’s office.