43 engineering college proposals were approved. India Towards the Knowledge Society

26 proposal has been given by the state government, said the All India Council for Technical Education.

"43 Engineering colleges proposal approved" by AICTE

On Tuesday, the official said that the All India Council for Technical Education has approved 

43 proposals to build new engineering colleges across the country, including one at Puducherry’s Central University.

The Technical Education Regulator set up a BVR committee last year to remodel engineering education. The committee recommended a halt to the creation of new engineering colleges till 2024.

These committees also provided some expectations for their recommendations; aspirational districts where there are no engineering colleges; charitable organizations that have existed for more than 25 years; and running other educational institutions within the 100 ranking of NIRF. and a minimum of 5,000 crores, the minimum turnover of any industry.

43 engineering colleges proposal were approved for the year 2022–23, and of those, 26 were approved by the State government as per the data of AICTE.

Chairperson of AICTE, Anil Sahasrabudhe, said, “No institution that does not fall under the exceptions made by the Reddy committee has been approved this year.” The major chunk of them are from state governments for starting a college in aspirational districts having had no engineering colleges so far or to offer highly skill-based courses such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. ”

He further added that “Permission to start new private colleges has been granted only based on two parameters.” Firstly, to the proposals by philanthropic or educational foundations fulfilling the Reddy committee guidelines, and secondly, to those who proposed to start such colleges in aspirational districts, ”

Furthermore, the proposal for a central university in Pondicherry has also been approved.

This is good news for Indian students, as an official stated that this year’s engineering seats are also expected to increase, as there was a 10% low seat offer in India last year. With this, AICTE also approved 80 new management, four architecture, and planning institutes.

In 2019, the Reddy committee advised the government to put a hold on approving new engineering colleges and their observation from the last four years. They also propose that the education ministry extend the moratorium until 2024.

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