A government school headmistress failed to solve a simple math division, removed from post.

A headmistress in a government school failed to solve a math problem during a surprise inspection. Read to learn more

MP headmistress

A surprising incident took place in a primary school in Madhya Pradesh, where a school headmistress failed to solve a simple “441/4” division problem.

Balaghat Collector and District Magistrate Girish Kumar Mishra conducted a surprise inspection visit and asked the primary school students to complete a math problem to gauge their level of understanding. The collector asked their class teacher, Sona Durve, who also serves as the school’s headmistress, to resolve the straightforward division problem when the kids were unable to do so.

But she too could not solve it and gave an incorrect answer. Because of this, Collector Dr. Girish Mishra severely reprimanded her, ordered her to halt one of her increments, and had her removed from Principal Pathak’s charge.

The video of the headmistress trying to solve the simple division problem is going viral on social media.

Not only that, but the collector then arrived at another government school that had been constructed as part of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh’s significant CM Rise program. There, Dineshwari Rahangdale, a teacher at CM Rice School Malanjkhand, also answered the question incorrectly.

Collector Dr. Mishra was alerted to the situation and ordered Dineshwari Rahangdale, a primary school teacher, to be given a show-cause notice.