About 1,500 teaching positions have been eliminated in universities.


The government committee has suggested that certain limitations on the employment of instructors in colleges of arts and sciences be lifted. The advice is based on its discovery that, in the last two years, eliminating PG content and adopting new procedures has resulted in the dissolution of approximately 1,500 posts. The abolition of PG weightage alone resulted in the dissolution of almost 1,100 posts. The technique of treating each hour of PG class time as one and a half hours is known as PG weightage.

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More than 300 roles have been canceled as a result of the requirement that applicants for extra positions be available for 16 hours of teaching each week. Subjects that need a single faculty member have been reduced to only guest speakers since they could never get 16 hours of instruction each week. The committee determined that these limitations had an impact on the standard of higher education.

The government enacted an order in April 2020 to restructure the working hours and positions of the teachers in government and aided colleges. The government established this ban as a long-term solution to address its financial crisis by stopping unauthorized appointments in aided colleges. Numerous objections were made to this proposal.

A three-person committee made up of DK Satheesh, Professor KS Jayachandran, and Dr. KP Sukumaran Nair was then established by the government to investigate the consequences of enforcing the order. The government will shortly receive the report.

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