Arvind Kejriwal Announced Free Education To All The Students In Gujarat

Kejriwal, as his second contract, vowed that an AAP government “will convert existing government schools into ‘Shandar’ schools which will be more satisfactory than private schools.

Arvind Kejriwal Announced Free Education To All The Students In Gujarat

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi and the national convenor of the Aam Aadmi Party spoke at the “Har Hath Tiranga” program of the Delhi government on the eve of Independence Day. He promised “free and good education” to all children in Gujarat.

In a town hall meeting in Bhuj, the district headquarters of Kutch district, Kejriwal said that every child born in Gujarat is entitled to a good education. He went on to say that while parents are free to send their children to private schools if they have the means to do so, no child will be left behind if their parents lack the financial resources. He promised that Gujarat will provide the best possible education to all children, free of charge.

The AAP chief promised the people of Gujarat that the party will free education for children, overhaul government schools, audit private schools, regularize contract teachers, and not assign non-teaching duties to teachers if it wins the Assembly elections.

Arvind Kejriwal promised that if his party was elected, they would turn government schools into “Shandar” schools, which would be better in quality than private schools. He went on to say that they would invest in new infrastructure, hire better teachers, and open more government schools.

“We will also audit all private schools to make sure they aren’t collecting excessive fees. If we find that any school has been doing this, we will ask them to return the money to the parents. Also, if any government school wants to increase its fees, it will need approval from the government first. We don’t want any school to be able to increase their fees without a good reason.”

The future of 17 crore students studying in government schools, including 53 lakh in Gujarat, is bleak, according to the AAP chief. He claims that government schools are in shambles because “the BJP and Congress governments haven’t set schools right and instead made education kabada (a business).”

“Fourthly, at the moment, there are a lot of kacche (ad hoc) teachers like contractual and vidyasahayaks. We will make their service regular and give them respect. They will teach our students well only if we respect them, honor them and give them job security.”

As his fifth guarantee, he said teachers won’t be assigned non-teaching duties. “We will not give non-teaching duties to any government school teacher. We have stopped this in Delhi and then in Punjab also,” he said.