India invited Australian universities to set up campuses here.

India Invited Australian Universities

India invited Australian universities to set up campuses in India.

On August 22nd, 2022, the union minister co-chaired the 6th meeting of the Australia-India Education Council (AIEC) along with his Australian counterpart, Jason Clare, at Western Sydney University (WSU).

The education ministry said in a statement. At the 6th meeting of the Australia-India Education Council, Pradhan said that Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is a highly effective forum to further advance ties and boost engagement in education, skill development, and research priorities.

Education Minister Pradhan tweeted, “I am glad that both Australia and India recognize the value of education and innovation in the growth, development, and prosperity of our societies.”

The two leaders will be forming a working group on transnational education to strengthen institutional partnerships and create new opportunities for collaborations between universities in the two countries.

The statement also mentioned that “He called for collaboration in skill certification and areas like mining, logistics management, etc.” He further said that India has set up Digital University and Gati Shakti University for which the two countries can work together to develop curriculum and other aspects.

Pradhan also brought up the issue of pending visas for Indian students planning to study in Australia during the meeting. The education ministry statement said, quoting Pradhan, “We appreciate the keenness of the Australian government in expediting visas to Indian students and also towards establishing university-to-university collaborations to offer dual degree programmes to encourage two-way student mobility and to boost people-to-people linkages.”

Earlier this year, the government announced the setting up of campuses of foreign universities in Gandhinagar’s GIFT City. It is free from domestic regulations to facilitate the availability of skilled manpower in financial services. To streamline the process, the University Grants Commission has also constituted a committee to develop the modalities.

Now, Indian students benefited with Australian Universities in India Only, is a big moment for Indian Education as Australian universities Collab with Indian Universities to have a better education for future generation.

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