Bikini & gym photos lead to resignation & 99 crores of defamation for one assistant professor, Check everything about the St. Xavier Case.


The former assistant professor at St. Xavier University was asked to resign from her position and received a defamation notice from the university demanding 99 crores from her as compensation for spoil their goodwill.

She received a call from the university two months after starting at the university to meet with the Vice Counselor. In their meeting, the authorities said that one student’s father complained that he caught his son hooked with the swimsuit picture of his assistant professor. In his complaint, he said that it was vulgar and immoral for an 18-year-old student to see his professor dressed in a swimsuit on a public platform.

When the university said this complaint to the professor, she was first shocked, as she had made the post before joining the university, and there was no chance that anybody could see that. Her profile was private, and she posted this picture on stories, so it would disappear in 24 hours. She added further that she might have been hacked. The university also asked them to write an apology letter, which she did.

However, the authorities declined her logical reasons, or request and asked her to resign or else they would terminate her. She accepted to resign as she felt humiliated. After she resigned, she filed an FIR with Kolkata police claiming she might have gotten her account hacked.

She claimed that she would be able to register her FIR in February 2022, 4 months after the incident, and against someone unknown. She also sent a letter through her lawyer to the university to ask for a complaint letter from the student’s father.

But the university countered her with a legal notice claiming that her legal notice was an “ill-motivated”, “desperate” and “dishonest” attempt to open a closed chapter. It damaged the image of the university and they also sent defamation for damage compensation of Rs. 99 crores.

On both sides people are discussing this case. Some support the professor, as she has just posted to the limited people in her personal life, and it’s not the business of her employer, while some say it’s not the moral values that a teacher should possess.