CAT 2022 Exam : To successfully crack the exam avoid these common mistakes

Nitin Varma

Nitin Varma

CAT 2023: We’ve outlined a few of the common mistakes you should steer clear of during the exam to help candidates prevent careless mistakes they might make in a rush.

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The date of CAT 2022 is November 27. You have to demonstrate your mettle in a test against time with the clock ticking in one corner of the screen. Due to the intrinsic time constraint of the CAT, test-takers are more prone to become anxious and stressed, which might ultimately lead to despair.

We’ve provided a list of some of the typical mistakes you should steer clear of during the exam to assist candidates in avoiding careless mistakes.

Never make assumptions based on prior preconceptions. Prior to responding, pay close attention to the questions and the context.

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Avoid answering questions in order and prefixing the number of attempts.

Without first reading the section, do not begin answering the questions since you risk spending time on challenging questions while omitting simpler ones. Never set the number of tries for a segment in advance.

Don’t incur sunk costs and value your time.

The clock is ticking. The time allotted for a section is 40 minutes. Don’t spend too much time on one particular question. Keep in mind that you must finish within the sectional time limit.

Do not get bogged down by a challenging question.

All of the simple and moderate questions should be attempted by students. Leaving the challenging questions is essential for success.

Avoid making assumptions

Students can narrow down their choices, particularly in RC, by eliminating wrong answers, but they must absolutely avoid guessing.

Do not give up.

If one of the parts didn’t go as you had hoped, don’t give up because it probably didn’t for the other students either. You only have control over your performance; you have no influence over what other people choose to do.

Verbal skills and understanding of reading

Avoid skimming for reading comprehension because if you don’t read the entire article attentively, you can get caught in the web of “trigger words.” When a passage uses terms like “but” or “although” toward the end, it can shift its emphasis from one point to another. If a reader scans the passage quickly, this can throw them off.

The right response can never be any of the possibilities that are not within the scope. The information provided in the text is always the foundation for the correct response. Distractions from the passage should not be your main attention.

Take use of the para summary questions. With the appropriate technique, they are solvable and scored even though they have negative marking.

You should ideally spend 12 to 14 minutes on VA and 26 to 28 minutes on RC.

Data analysis and logical thinking

Since it tests students’ stress tolerance and capacity to make decisions with seemingly unrelated and unclear information, the DI-LR portion gauges their potential to become future managers. Students should focus on appropriately interpreting the data.

Students have two rounds to attempt the DI-LR section

— In R1, complete sets with a high level of accuracy and quickness.

— In R2, complete sets with a high precision but a slow speed.

Mathematical abilityYour capacity to attempt the appropriate questions at the appropriate times will determine how well you perform on the QA part. The QA component can be attempted by students in two rounds:

-In R1, go over each question, mark any easy or moderate ones for R2. After 15 minutes, R1 has attempted 5–6 simple Qs.

— In R2, resolve each indicated question from R1. Another three to four Qs are tried in the final 20 minutes of R2. Maintain a buffer of five minutes. It aids.

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