Check Tips and Important Topics to Score Good Marks on Class XII Boards

Nitin Varma

Nitin Varma

Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies to score good marks in English in the Class 12 CBSE Board

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Students often take English for granted and end up scoring fewer marks. They must understand that this subject will help them increase their overall percentage without much hard work. It is strongly recommended that students must give a minimum of one hour of English per day. Utilise this one hour in reading extensively. Remember that it will not only help to cover the chapters but also improve your reading skills. It will also enhance the student’s vocabulary and improve their writing skills.

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If prepared in a well-planned manner, one can score full marks in English. Apart from the above-given preparation tips, students need to develop a couple of habits if they want to score full marks in Class 12 English. One among them is the habit of reading an English newspaper and writing at least 1-page about any current topic. This way, students can improve their vocabulary and develop a strong command over grammar.

Take the model test papers at your school very seriously. The sole purpose of having these model test papers at school is to train you towards what you would be facing on the bigger platform of your boards. The questions for these test papers will be set by your teachers after careful evaluation of the usual exam pattern and questions. So, it will be a very wise move to prepare really well for these tests as, if you score really well in these exams, half the war is won.

Until and unless you manage your time during the exam wisely all your efforts will go down the drain. Many students face this issue. They begin with the exam, thinking they have all the time in the world and end up not being able to answer the highest-scoring questions.

Handwriting is extremely important to score high marks in your class 10/12 board exams. The reason is very simple. The faculty evaluating your answer paper generally corrects at least 40+ papers in 6 hours. So, in order to draw their attention towards your paper, you have to make sure that your handwriting is neat and legible.

You are required to read your NCERT textbook thoroughly to score full marks in the Literature section.

READING SECTION (10+10 = 20)

Specific objectives of Reading:

– Go through the passage carefully and arrive at the general ideas of the subject the passage presents.

– Read the second time to get a better understanding of the passage.

– Arrive at the meaning of difficult words about relating them to the preceding and following sentences.

– Underline relevant words and phrases in the passages which can help you deduce the answer.

– Read the questions carefully.

– Answer precisely using simple language.

– Answers should reveal your understanding of the passage.

– If you are asked to provide a suitable title or heading to the passage remember the title is hidden either at the beginning or end of the passage.

– Title should relate to the main idea of the passage and should be brief.


Follow the formats strictly. Write the value points of the answer before composing the answers. While attempting any questions on a problem-based issue note down the causes, effects and steps and put them into the proper paragraph. Avoid repetition, and try using simple vocabulary.

This section consists of :

Short composition (Notice and invitations- 5+5 Marks)

Letter writing – Application for a job with resume to the Editor (5 Marks)

Article/report writing (Any One) (5 Marks)


This section will have a variety of assessment items including MCQ, objective type questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions to assess comprehension, analysis, interpretation and exploration beyond the text. Read all the poems and prose texts thoroughly. 

Underline important phrases and use them as keywords in answers. If in doubt take the help of your teacher and solve previous year’s papers from reference books. Stick to the word limit as both preciseness and brevity are important for short answers. For the long answers write the value points in the margin before framing the answers.


– Reference to the context (Poem) 06 Marks

– Reference to the context ( Story) 06 Marks

– Short questions (five out of six) 10 Marks

– Long question (one out of two) 05 Marks


– Reference to the context 4 Marks

– Short questions (Any two out of 3) 4 Marks

– Long Questions (One out of Two) 5 Marks


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