CUET 2022: 60% Attendance Record in the Debut Edition

The debut edition of the Common University Entrance Test (CUGT)-UG records 60% attendance. On the last day of the examination, which was done in 444 centers in 239 cities.

CUET 2022: The Debut Exam

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, National Test Agency (NTA) officials mentioned that 60% attendance has been recorded on the debut edition of the CUET-UG Common University Entrance Test. They also said 103 candidates were not able to give the exam at Radha Govind University in Jharkhand due to a slow internet issue.

For those who are not able to give the exam due to technical issues, the exam will be conducted at a future date. officials said.

As per the initial plan, on August 20th, 2022, all phases of CUET-UG were supposed to be completed. However, the exam was further delayed and divided into six phases to accommodate students whose exams were rescheduled due to several glitches that flawed the exam.

On the last day of the examination, the exam takes place in 444 centers in 239 cities, including foreign cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat, and Riyadh in both of its phases.

Due to technical problems in the last minutes in exam centers and uninformed changes in exam dates to admit cards mentioning past dates, the students face many of these issues. However, with 14.9 lakh registrations, the Common University Entrance Test is now the second biggest entrance exam in the country, unparallel to JEE main’s average registration of 9 lakhs, and the biggest entrance test, NEET-UG, has an average registration of 18 lakhs.

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