CUET-UG 2022: NTA Announces A Grievance Redressal Email To Address The Glitches During The Exam

National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced that all the candidates who struggled with CUET-UG 2022 because of glitches will receive a grievance redressal email.

NATA Exam pattern 2022

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET-UG) is the second largest entrance exam in India. However, the exam faced several glitches which led to cancellations and aspirants struggling. Take a look at all the instances of everything gone wrong with the CUET-UG exam:

Changes to the exam centre

On 15th July, the first day of the exam, exam centres were changed at the last minute, because of which many students missed their exam. Students who reported at the centres in Delhi were informed that they aren’t allowed to enter. NTA announced that candidates who were informed regarding the change in the centre through SMS or email a night before the test will have the opportunity to take the retest. Many candidates had the same issue in the further phases as well.

Reports of sabotage caused mass cancellation of the exam

On 4th August, the first day of the second phase was cancelled at all the exam centres. UGC had received reports of sabotage, after which the exam was cancelled. Candidates will have the opportunity to take the retest.

Lack of choice of centre lead to postponing of the exam

The third phase exams were postponed because more than 11,000 candidates didn’t get their choice of city for the exam. They will be allowed to take the test on 30th August.

Changes in the test dates

Many candidates claimed that their test dates were altered without prior information, which caused them to miss the exam unintentionally. Aspirants have reached out to the UGC and NTA seeking clarity.

Admit cards showed already passed dates for the exam

Some candidates claimed that when they received the admit cards, the exam dates were the ones that were already passed. NTA has assured students to not panic and the admit card will have the correct dates soon.

Technical glitches caused exam cancellation

CUET’s four phases suffered from many technical glitches on 17th August. NTA had to cancel the test at 13 centres. About 8,600 candidates were affected, who will be able to give the retest on 25th August.

Natural circumstances forced exam cancellation

The second and third phases’ exams were cancelled at some exam centres in Itanagar and Kerala because of rains and landslides. In Itanagar, only 3 aspirants were able to reach the exam centres. All affected aspirants will have the opportunity to give the retest.

Delayed schedule

The initial plan of CUET-UG involved exams concluding on 20th August. Then, it was later announced that the exams will conclude on 28th August. Now, since the schedule has been further deferred, the exams will conclude on 30th August. The exams have also been split into six phases.

NTA has sent a grievance redressal email addressing the issues. According to UGC, they are evaluating each complaint and verifying whether or not the candidate can take the retest. Jagadesh Kumar, UGC Chief, said that the expansion plans for CUET won’t be impacted by the glitches and they are still continuing to merge it with NEET and JEE.