CUET UG 2022 Result: Rank lists based on the 'Normalised' NTA Scores

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the Common Universities Entrance Test Undergraduate (CUET UG) 2022 result today. Candidates who have appeared for the exam can check their results on the official website –


Central universities across the country will be preparing rank lists based on the “normalized” scores issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA), rather than percentile or raw marks.

Since the question paper for any subject in different shifts is different, it is quite possible that despite all best possible efforts of maintaining equivalence among various question papers, the difficulty level of these question papers administered in different sessions may not be the same or similar.

Some of the candidates who took the exam might have had a more difficult set of questions than others. The candidates who had a tougher examination are likely to get lower marks compared to those who had an easier one. The scores of the students across shifts are not directly comparable because there is a need for normalizing the marks across shifts to make them amenable to such comparisons.

After careful consideration and discussion, a committee consisting of senior professors from the Indian Statistical Institution in Delhi, as well as the Indian Institute of Technology and University of Delhi have arrived at a methodology.

When it comes to entrance tests like CUET UG, since the test is conducted on different days and in multiple sessions for the same subject, this will result in different percentiles for each group of students. Another problem with using percentiles as the sole basis for admission is that in subjects like Sports or Fine Arts, some universities weight skill more heavily (e.g. 25 per cent) than others.

NTA has a set scale for all candidates that doesn’t change depending on which session they appear for in a given subject. This allows for their performance to be compared accurately across sessions. Using the equipercentile method, we can take the normalized marks of candidates in different sessions of the same subject and use them in the same way we would use raw marks from a single-session examination. So, if a university has a weightage system for the raw marks of the skill component, we can add that to the weightage of the normalized marks to create a rank list.

CUET UG is unique in that it covers a wide range of subjects. Other entrance exams are more limited in scope, which can make it difficult to compare students’ performance. However, one way to level the playing field is to use the percentile method to transform raw marks into a common uniform scale. This way, students’ performance can be more easily compared.

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How can I got the seat how I know and counselling starts from when……