CUET UG 2023: Suggestions for Political Science paper to Score good

Pranay Trivedi

Pranay Trivedi

CUET UG 2023: In order for you to crack the CUET Political Science test, take into account the following vital advice. The exam is going to be held on May 21.

CUET UG 2023

CUET UG 2023: Political science is a vast subject that requires a thorough comprehension of the principles to do well on tests. In order to prepare for Political Science in CUET, a specific set of units and subtopics have been established by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

Here are some vital pointers for your consideration to crack the CUET Political Science exam, which is scheduled for May 21.

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A good study resource

Choosing the appropriate study material is essential for focusing your preparations. It is crucial to make sure that your study materials include both the syllabus for the CUET and the class 12 board exam. Books like “Contemporary World Politics” and “Politics in India Since Independence” are other good resources.

Reviewing significant subjects

Dates associated with the World Wars, US hegemony, the World Trade Organization, alternative centres of power, the European Union, and Chinese economic rights are a few significant issues to concentrate on in this regard.

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Additionally, it is essential that students completely prepare and revise the following units:

India’s politics since independence: the difficulties of building a nation, the era of one-party rule, the politics of planned development, India’s international relations, the challenges to and restoration of the congress system, the constitutional order’s crisis, the rise of new social movements, the democratic upsurge, coalition politics, and recent developments in Indian politics.

Globalization and its opposers: The end of the “Second World” and the collapse of bipolarity, alternative centres of economic and political power, South Asia in the post-cold war era, international organisations in a unipolar world, security in the modern world, and the Cold War era in world politics are all examples of contemporary world politics.

Plan out your preparation.

Since political science relies heavily on memory, it is crucial to study the principles and repeatedly memorise and review the topics. Start by setting reasonable expectations and organising your preparation into achievable portions. Establish a schedule and set out time for practise and revision. To make your revision process simpler, consult NCERT books, highlight crucial ideas, and take notes.

Take practise exams

Practice some sample MCQ questions once you have a good grasp of the principles. To evaluate your readiness for the exam, take a number of practise exams and finish tests from prior years.

Regular revision will let you retain the knowledge you have acquired and make sure you utilise all pertinent material, so make sure to do this. Set aside particular times for revision, and do it frequently using your notes and textbooks.

You can easily clear the CUET political science exam if you use the correct study materials, have a clear preparation approach, and consistently put that strategy into effect. To succeed, be concentrated and utilise the time at hand to the most.

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