Delegation from Maharashtra Education Department visited Punjab Schools

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

The delegation learned about school infrastructure, free education for children, free uniforms, smart classrooms and teaching best practices from their visit.

Maharastra education department

A delegation of Mumbai education officials led by Ranjit Singh Deol, Secretary School Education and Sports Department of Maharashtra visited several schools in Punjab. They visited the Naraingarh Jhunghian Primary School and the Phase 3B1 Government Model Senior Secondary School, Meritorious School Mohali, among others. The Mumbai education team will providing primary- and secondary-level feedback from the inspections.

During their visit to the school, the delegation learned about infrastructure, free education for children, free uniforms, smart classrooms, and best practices for teaching and learning. They also visited science laboratories and libraries.

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The delegation gathered information about scholarships for children living in poverty, the mid-day meal programme, playgrounds, supplementary study materials, admission processes for students, grading of schools and various mobile apps used for students.

They also met with members of the delegation during their visit. The members of the delegation were amazed by the teachers’ use of attractive, colourful teaching aids and inclusive teaching methods. After their visit, they met with Jaspreet Talwar, Principal Secretary for School Education in Punjab.

Talwar gave a talk on the organizational structure of the Punjab School Education department, teacher training programs, the recruitment process for teachers, smart school policy, and more.

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