Demand Extra Attempts NEET, JEE, CUET Aspirants? Did Protest After Tech Glitches in Entrance Exams.

Aspiring students who want to take the NEET exam are demanding another exam be given, citing irregularities and potential cheating during the last exam. JEE students who took the exam are also requesting the third attempt for all students. Those who are scheduled to take the CUET exam in 2022 have also asked for a re-test, citing last-minute center changes and other glitches that caused problems during the exam.

Demand Extra Attempts NEET, JEE, CUET Aspirants

After repeated tech glitches in entrance exams including NEET, JEE, and CUET among others, students have launched a joint protest against the exam conducting body National Testing Agency (NTA). A large section of students has marched towards Jantar Mantar in Delhi while others are extending support online by tweeting with the hashtag.

Not just students but education activists have also joined the protest and are demanding a retest or extra attempt. While NEET aspirants are citing the irregularities in the examination and the rigging of the NEET paper as reasons why another exam should be given, JEE students want the third attempt for all. Those appearing for CUET 2022 too have asked for a re-test citing last-minute center changes and other glitches during exams.

While medical students want the NTA to conduct a re-exam for the medical entrance test to get another chance to improve their scores, engineering aspirants are demanding a third attempt for JEE Main claiming that technical problems hampered the exam for several candidates. A few exam centers faced technical glitches and students alleged that several questions were not displayed properly on the screens for JEE Mains. Students also claimed that exams were not even conducted in the second shift at some centers, so they’re feeling pretty cheated out of an opportunity to prove their skills.

Many students who were registered to take the CUET exam missed their opportunity due to last-minute center changes and technical issues. As a JEE, NEET result, the NTA has already rescheduled exams for many of these students. However, the students are still demanding that the NTA conduct an extra attempt for all three exams this year due to the technical and administrative glitches that created a lot of problems in the first place.

As online flyers indicate, student activist Pawan Bhadana is spearheading a symbolic protest with the All India Students Union (AISU). The Google Form link circulated on Twitter asks students if they are willing to participate in the protest, with many students, parents, and educators joining in.