DU allows UG candidates to upgrade their college and course

Parijat Chauhan

Parijat Chauhan

Delhi University will implement a two-day window from Wednesday, opening up the undergraduate courses to second choice of ‘programme college combination’, said a senior official.

DU UG admissions

The Delhi University will open a two-day window from Wednesday, allowing those who achieved admission in undergraduate courses to upgrade their ‘programme college combinations,’ said the university’s senior official.

The upgrade option will only be available for students who haven’t taken the first course or chosen a college yet.

The last date for paying Delhi University’s undergraduate programme fees following the first round of admission was October 25.

The university will now display vacant seats following the conclusion of the first round of the Central Seat Allocation System on Wednesday. Remember that you can upgrade your seat after this date.

“The vacant seat will be displayed on Wednesday, and candidates can sign up to upgrade or change their order of preference for the course. The official said they will confirm the seat on Thursday.”

“Choosing the ‘upgrade’ option means that a candidate is consenting to be considered for admission in their higher of choice in the following rounds.

The candidate’s current admitted seat will be cancelled if the new preference is allocated.

For those who choose to upgrade their course, they will have the option of reordering college combinations which were higher in preference but could not be allocated for.

No two combinations of colleges will ever be offered to you again if you’ve already taken admissions in any one of them.

“Similarly, the program combination which was down the preference order at which the candidate had taken admission earlier will never be offered again to the candidate in any subsequent round,” the official informed.

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If you upgrade to a higher tier, you’ll be required to accept the offer and complete the admission procedures.

“If a candidate does not complete any activity on the upgraded seat/s, it will, by default, be considered cancelled and the candidate will be out of CSAS-2022,” said a university official.

If you want to keep your allocated seats and make them permanent, please submit a ‘freeze’ request through your dashboard.

When a candidate selects “freeze” for an admissions option, he/she will be unable to select the “upgrade” option. If a candidate does not select either “upgrade” or “freeze,” their credentials will be retained and they wont be eligible for an upgrade.

More than 79 undergraduate programs across 67 Delhi University colleges, departments and other divisions will be open to students who take the Common University Entrance Test for the first time.

Previously, admissions were done through merit lists that were based on Class 12 marks. The skyrocketing cut-offs meant the university had to come up with seven cut-off lists each year.

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