England’s First Secure School for Juvies - Click to know more.

Know about England’s first secure school for Juvies. The school is for young offenders who have committed some crimes in their lives.

Juvenile school

Oasis Restore,” England’s first secure school for young offenders, will soon be opened. The school is intended for young people who have committed crimes due to various circumstances and causes and provides them with an opportunity to reintegrate into mainstream society. The organization is built on the values of education, care, Well-Being, and hope and envisions a future where its students can successfully return to the mainstream world.

The organization with an inclusive approach believes in the potential of every human being. They know that if everyone is given the same chance to succeed, society as a whole will benefit. This initiative can have a positive impact on the world and change lives for the better.

Oasis Restore is a new initiative headed by Steve Chalke in Rochester, Kent. It is being established as an alternative to jail for young offenders. The Oasis Charitable Trust is running the organization in partnership with the government, and it is hoped that this will provide a better solution for young people who have committed crimes.

The organization believes that young people who have made mistakes in the past should be given a second chance. Being punished for a long time will not change the environment around them or help them see life differently. It won’t improve their lives in any way.