English just a medium of communication, not a benchmark of intellect: PM Narendra Modi

Recently, PM Narendra Modi launched 5G telecom service, which according to the PM, will take the education system to the next level in the country.

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Three days after the Union Minister launched Hindi textbooks for MBBS students, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that earlier, English was considered the benchmark of being intellectual despite being just a medium of communication. 

While advocating the use of local languages, he said that “In reality, the English language is just a medium of communication.”

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The prime minister was speaking after launching the Gujarat government’s Mission Schools of Excellence initiative at Adalaj town in Gandhinagar district. He said that those who are uncomfortable with English should not be left behind and that the recently launched 5G telecom service will take the education system to the next level in the country.

“The 5G service will go beyond smart facilities, smart classrooms and well as smart teachings. It will take our education system to the next level,” the prime minister said.

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