Hannah Alice Simon, a student from Kerala, will study in the United States after she topped the CBSE test in the disabled category


Hannah Alice Simon, the Kochi-girl who topped the CBSE Class XII exams in the disabled category with 496 out of 500 marks, will soon be going to the US to pursue her higher studies with full scholarship. Hannah, who studied in Humanities stream in Rajagiri Christu Jayanthi Public School, will be joining an undergraduate course in Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. She will fly to the US on August 9.


Hannah, who was born with a rare developmental illness called microphthalmia, a condition that causes blindness, told that her aim was to become a psychologist so that she could help others who were in similar situations to her. She picked music and creative writing as minors because she is both a singer and a writer in addition to taking psychology as the course’s major topic. 

Hannah studied music at Trinity College London, where she earned her Grade 8 in Western Classical and Rock and Pop. She also recently published her first book, “Welcome Home,” which is a collection of short stories. “I was passionate about psychology, therefore in class XII I took it as an elective topic. My dream has always been to complete my graduate psychology studies overseas. About 20 institutions received my application, and three of them accepted me.

I selected Notre Dame because it provided the best scholarship, allowing my family and I to pay the expense of my education while allowing me to finish my studies. When someone needs help, I want to be there. Hannah wished to perform for them and write for them. Simon Mathews, a legal manager at a private firm, and Lija Simon, a kindergarten instructor, have one daughter, Hannah, who is their oldest child. In order for her to be independent and a contributing member of society, her parents believed that she should attend a regular school. 

Her biggest motivator, according to her, is her parents’ support. They have consistently helped me see that I am just like other kids. In an unique school that will be like a cocoon, they thought I wouldn’t experience any difficulties. The fact that I overcame peer bullying has given me the confidence and independence I need. Additionally, I have been preparing for my international trip for the previous two years, even staying away from my parents in a hostel for a month to gain independence. I know I will have to confront new obstacles in the US, but I am not anxious about it. Hannah declared, “Jesus will help me and I won’t give up.