IIT Five-year data show that top 1000 JEE rankers are choosing Hyderabad and Indore IITs in addition to first-generation IITs.

Pranay Trivedi

Pranay Trivedi

IITs Five year Data

The main one is still Computer Science due to its flexible curriculum and industry-focused courses. Although there can be other potential explanations. IIT introduced new courses

According to admission data from the previous five years, the top 1,000 JEE-Advanced rankers are choosing IIT Hyderabad and IIT Indore alongside more established and older IITs. These two second generation IITs were both founded in 2008.

The institutes claim that the students are choosing them because of their flexible curriculum, industry-focused courses, including those on cutting-edge technology, emphasis on entrepreneurship, and multidisciplinary approach.

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40 of the top 1,000 students confirmed their admission to IIT Hyderabad for the 2022 academic year, up from the 23 in the category in 2018. The institute likewise saw a skewed growth throughout that time. On the other hand, IIT Indore observed a change in the number of seats in last five years but constantly fall in the category.

IIT Hyderabad’s director, B S Murty, ascribed the change to the provided courses and curricula. According to him, the school offers a double major option and has a multidisciplinary credit structure. Students who have GPAs over 8 might choose to earn two BTech degrees.

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Murty claims that IIT Hyderabad supports entrepreneurship as well.

IIT introduced new courses 

Murty continued, “In a brave move, students are permitted a semester vacation if they want to concentrate on an inventive project. I envision a future where nobody will talk wage packages and the focus moves from creating job-seekers to job-creators. Students can earn up to six credits for the innovation, which may or may not succeed, with the remaining credits being made up in other minor courses. Additionally, 1 lakh rupees in seed money is given to students for their ideas. Since no other IIT uses credit scores for internships, we revised the curriculum with input from the business world. This makes it possible for the crucial industries to connect.

Suhas S. Joshi, the director of IIT Indore, stated that the university was “adapting to the changing global environment with several modifications of existing courses” and had introduced four BTech programmes for the 2023–2024 academic year: Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Computing, Engineering Physics, and Space Science and Engineering.

“By including more hands-on training through lab work, internships, and fieldwork, the course syllabi and content are structured. Students can choose from a variety of multidisciplinary courses that aid in a variety of job placement prospects. To interact with the industries in our neighbourhood, we have undertaken a number of activities, according to Joshi.

According to IIT Indore director Suhas S. Joshi, the school has four BTech programmes in chemical engineering, mathematics and computing, engineering physics, and space science and engineering as part of its effort to “adapt to the changing global environment with several modifications of existing courses.”

The course syllabi and material are designed by providing more hands-on training through lab work, internships, and fieldwork. Multidisciplinary courses are available for students to select from, and they can help with a range of job placement opportunities. We have engaged in a lot of activities to engage with the industries in our neighbourhood, claims Joshi.

However, Computer Science Engineering remains the most popular course (CSE).

The CSE opening rank at IIT Hyderabad in 2022 was 360, while the CSE closing rank was 560. Three branches in total had opening ranks under 1000, and two of them also had closing ranks below the figure. CSE began with a rank of 671 and finished with a position of 1204 at IIT Indore.

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